Aim of the G10

The aim of the G10 is to offer a parallel for the G8 (now G7) where important developments are identified and interpreted. G10 is a laboratorium where new ideas with philosophical and economic implications will be at the centre of interest.

Philosophers, artists, and economists go hand in hand. We use the old meaning of economics 'Oikos', meaning house or household. Economy is a household that is 'efficiently run'.

The economists on the G10 speak less about taxes and interest rates, but more about future forms of society. We use philosophy in the sense of interpreting underlying patterns based on hidden powerstructures or dismantling empty words and concepts. This year the pandemic will make many new openings possible as long as we see them in the right moment and are willing to take action.

Our aim is to make the invisible visible: that means we make special connections between the themes talked at at the G10. The world longs now for a good approach of the future since so many new powers wthin our society like Artificial intelligence, superlearning, EU, Neuroscience, happiness and knowledge are or will be at stake. The speakers invited are all chosen for their special qualities in these matters you can enjoy either via livestreaming (see tickets) or live in the Zuide in Amsterdam. Both days end with an analysis of our world, brilliantly commented on by Slavoj Žižek.

Why the G10 is so unique?

In times of low and again lower budgets for analytic journalism, shrinking publishing houses and even less reliable media in general where technology seems to win over jounalism, the G10 falls back on old-fashioned concepts: it organises sturdy sessions where the focus is really on something to discover.

How do we choose our topics?

The organization of the G10 has many ears and tries to listen carefully in all directions from physics to history and from philosophy to avant garde economics. The topics are chosen in a way that they anticipate the future in a 'poetic' way. Poetic in the meaning Novalis once gave the word 'poetization': clear thinking with an undogmatic mind.

What happened last year?

2016 was the first G10, click here to have a look (Dutch version).

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