Block8 : Heroes and Truth

Talk : How to keep healthy a world gone mad?
(working title) Zuiderkerk, Zaterdag 5 september, 2020
14:00-14:45 h
Elif Shafak (in-person appearance)
Talk: Why Democracies Need Heroes
Zuiderkerk, Zaterdag 5 september, 2020
14:50-15:30 h
Dieter Thomae (in-person appearance)
15:30-15:50 h
Dieter Thomae (in-person appearance) & Elif Shafak (in-person appearance)
Live Music: Feico Deutekom plays Philip Glass
Zuiderkerk, Zaterdag 5 september, 2020
16:05-16:25 h

Dieter Thomae

Heroes and truth

Dieter Thomae analyses an important word in our modern society: Hero. We hardly know what heroes are, we know clever, elegant, smart, nice and egocentric people but what is a hero? Our postmodern times cannot imagine that someone does anything for free or even with a non egocentric meaning. We won't believe that anymore. Still the word revived in hospitals all over Europe. In places where we expect people complaining about lousy pay heroes came into existence in Coronatimes.

What is the essence of a hero and why are they so important for our Democracy and our lives?
Read whole article: „Warum Demokratien Helden brauchen“

Richard David Precht

Richard David Precht brings one word into the center of discourse: technology. In the short video from 2011 he points out that the engine of changes in modern life technology is. Listen to this short fragment to get a feeling who Richard Davisd precht is: