Block10 : The Box of Pandora part 2: Why philosophy matters

Great Discussion: Why philosophy matters
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Zaterdag 25 september 2021
20:00-21:00 h
Tim Parks (in-person appearance) Nadav Eyal (in-person appearance) Richard Baker Roshi (in-person appearance) Lale Gül (in-person appearance)
Talk: Is philosophy dead?
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Zaterdag 25 september 2021
21:15-22:15 h
Slavoj Žižek (in-person appearance)
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Zaterdag 25 september 2021
22:15-23:00 h
Slavoj Žižek (in-person appearance)
Informal talk at the bar
Zuiderkerk, Amsterdam, Zaterdag 25 september 2021
23:00-24:00 h
Bar open until 24:00

Slavoj Žižek

Žižek speaks on Hegel relating to modern times. What does it mean to be human when machines can read our minds?

In celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of G.W.F. Hegel, Slavoj Žižek gives us a reading of the philosophical giant that changes our way of thinking about our new posthuman era. No ordinary study of Hegel, Hegel in a Wired Brain investigates what he might have had to say about the idea of the 'wired brain' - what happens when a direct link between our mental processes and a digital machine emerges. Žižek explores the phenomenon of a wired brain effect, and what might happen when we can share our thoughts directly with others. He hones in on the key question of how it shapes our experience and status as 'free' individuals and asks what it means to be human when a machine can read our minds. With characteristic verve and enjoyment of the unexpected, Žižek connects Hegel to the world we live in now, shows why he is much more fun than anyone gives him credit for, and why the 21st century might just be Hegelian.