Block4 : George Orwell Revisited

Side Program: Morning Meditation
Dominikanenklooster Monastery, Dinsdag 28 mei, 2019
06:45-07:30 h
Guided bij de Dominikanenklooster Monnikken
08:30-09:30 h

Dominikanenklooster Monastery, Dinsdag 28 mei, 2019
09:45-11:15 h

LUNCH 12:30-13:30 h

Talk: Creating Freedom / Empathy
Dominikanenklooster Monastery, Dinsdag 28 mei, 2019
14:00-15:30 h
Raoul Martinez (pending)
Q&A met de publiek
15:30-16:00 h
Raoul Martinez
Great Discussions
15:30-16:00 h

The radical ideas of Raoul Martinez

"When you look at any person’s life, it’s luck, all the way down in terms of opportunities," says the man behind The Lottery of Birth and Creating Freedom

“There is not a single shred of scientific evidence for the notion of personal freedom as it is currently conceived,” says author Raoul Martinez, “yet the concept of individual responsibility dominates our culture and lies at the heart of our criminal justice system.”

Martinez’s new book, Creating Freedom, is a philosophical text that presents a deceptively simple, and stunning, treatise; the freedoms within our society are illusory or entirely antithetical to actual liberty. The book contends that even free will is itself an ancient myth. If we don’t have control over our choices, after all, in what sense can we be legally or morally responsible for them? “What is a choice if not a reflection of a particular person’s identity at a particular point in time?” he argues. “To be responsible for a choice, you have to demonstrate you are responsible for the machinery making that choice. There is simply no way to do that. Nothing in science suggests we are responsible for our cognitive machinery.

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