Slavoj Žižek

A Hegelian philosopher, Lacanian psychoanalyst and political activist.



Christian Atheism - How to Be a Real Materialist
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Christian Atheism - How to Be a Real Materialist
Philosophy is like falling in love.
About Žižek

Slavoj Žižek hardly needs an introduction. He is regarded as one of the greatest thinkers of our time, although he would certainly not say so himself. There are many different ways to describe him, and he is being called both a 'Marxist' and a 'rockstar philosopher' – often in the same sentence.

What makes Žižek so interesting is that he knows how to trace the values of the present time, such as 'woke' and 'populism,' back to their roots to show the values they conceal. Reality is not very real for Žižek; it is just a construction consisting of symbols, which can only be regarded as relatively real. When Žižek talks about the many political crises of our time, he does not just repeat what others have already pointed out but instead, he gives an original interpretation of the world that becomes visible when you look past the clichés.

These thoughts and insights put him in the forefront of many of our time's debates – whether it is about identity, sex, popular culture, power, or war. His most recent book is titled:"Too Late to Awaken: What Lies Ahead When There is no Future?" It will be published on November 2 by Viking Penguin.

To understand Žižek's vision is to understand a piece of a possible future – whether or not that future is one we would want to be a part of.

Too Late to Awaken: What Lies Ahead When There is no Future?

We hear all the time that we're moments from doomsday. Around us, crises interlock and escalate, threatening our collective Russia's invasion of Ukraine, with its rising risk of nuclear warfare, is taking place against a backdrop of global warming, ecological breakdown, and widespread social and economic unrest. Protestors and politicians repeatedly call for action, but still we continue to drift towards disaster. We need to do something. But what if the only way for us to prevent catastrophe is to assume that it has already happened-to accept that we're already five minutes past zero hour?"

Too Late to Awaken sees Slavoj Žižek forge a vital new space for a radical emancipatory politics that could avert our course to self-destruction. He illuminates why the liberal Left has so far failed to offer this alternative, and exposes the insidious propagandism of the fascist Right, which has appropriated and manipulated once-progressive ideas. Pithy, urgent, gutting and witty, Žižek's diagnosis reveals our current geopolitical nightmare in a startling new light, and shows how, in order to change our future, we must first focus on changing the past.